Sarah Palin is Your Old Testament

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I’m a week late to the Palin pig pile. (That’s my only nod to the lipstick nonsense.) If the title of this comic confuses you, you somehow managed to avoid Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle during the primaries. And yes, I registered it.

That fundie wackadoo is a right-wing stereotype come to life: incurious, reactionary, mendacious, Rapture-y. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t vote for her, but here’s the most superficial: Her accent annoys me. I’d rather have Vice President Fran Drescher than listen to that rhotic phony bumpkin speak for the next four years.

Bible nerds: I know some of the stuff in the cartoon is from the New Testament. In fact, that was the original title of the cartoon. But I didn’t think it conveyed how regressive and backwoods Ms. Shit-for-Brains, excuse me, Governor Shit-for-Brains really is.

We’re in the final weeks before the election, so all you fart-and-dick-joke aficionados will have to deal with an increase in political content at least until then. If you want more funny and less partisan shrillness from me, then you better get your ass in gear and help elect Barack Obama.

Next Week: John McCain’s Economic Philosophy

4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is Your Old Testament”

  1. She does have something of a “Fargo” accent going on there, I think. I totally noticed it too. It’s so bad I’m starting to wonder if it counts as a speech impediment.

  2. Matt – If I did, Lorne would’ve thrown it out for not being worthy of the program that birthed Rob Schneider.

    Kerblotto – There were a few good lines in there, but SNL is hamstrung by trying to be “balanced” instead of truthful.

    Rebecca – If her accent and a Boston accent collided, there would be nothing left but tiny diphthong particles.

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