A Solution to the Economic Crisis

We need a new bubble to fool-heartedly invest in. I humbly suggest alt-weekly cartoons. Fungible Funnies! Now gimme your money! There’s equity in my stack of cartoons. I promise!

Even I, a lowly fart-joke merchant, knew the housing bubble was fucked over five years ago. The same folks who did nothing to address it in all that time are now saying we have to act fast? With some bullshit plan slapped together in a week? Fuck that noise.

One thought on “A Solution to the Economic Crisis”

  1. Were I not sick, I would have posted my cartoon on solving the fiscal crisis yesterday. Well, it will be up tomorrow.

    That said, I propose doing absolutely nothing for Wall Street. Fuck ’em. Bail out the poor saps who got sucked into mortgages they couldn’t afford. Have debt forgiveness for anyone who holds a credit card (and take away their credit cards – mine, too!). Destroy the health insurance industry, go soc med!

    I’ll stop now before I start calling for revolution.

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