Bad Bloggin’ Brian

I had a fairly entertaining blog post in the works, but it turned into next week’s mediocre cartoon. In its place, here’s a stomach-churning glimpse at one of the reference photos I took for this Friday’s comic. This particular photo didn’t even make it into the comic because it’s so goddamn ridiculous.

Sportin\' the Selleck

30 more pounds and the bears would be all over me.

Boo Code Pink

McCain’s doing a fine job shooting himself in the foot in front of that Blue Screen of Death all on his own without you hippies belittling liberalism with 40-year-old publicity stunts.

That said, every time these jackboots chant “USA! USA! USA!” I imagine them chanting “BEEF SUPREME!” and it’s a little less embarrassing to share the same country with them.

Jokes Too Shitty to Illustrate

These lame jokes aren’t worth wasting ink on, but blogging technology allows me to shove every shitty idea I have into your eyeholes. So please use your mind grapes and imaginate a cartoon McCain dancing seductively and singing Fergie’s “My Humps,” except he’s singing something about his lumps, his lovely cancer lumps.

Get it? He’s OLD, and SICKLY. And he picked a fucking loon to replace him should the sweet lord Jesus send him to God’s POW camp in the sky.

Also, Palin sounds exactly like a British person who’s mocking us.

I Still Love Television

I was pretty busy this summer, but I was able to catch up on a few wonderful television programs.

Generation Kill eased the shakes from my The Wire withdrawal. The guy who played Ziggy redeemed himself as Ray. Apparently the invasion of Iraq wasn’t as super-fucking-cool as the media led us to believe.

I finished the first season of Mad Men in two weekends. Why HBO passed on it is one of the great mysteries of our time. AMC has done an admirable job of blocking out the boobies and drugs. I’m holding off on the second season until it’s done, so please no spoilers. I hope they address how Zooey Bartlett found the Time Masheen.

That’s it besides news and sports. I’m going to be sticking my thumb in my butt until The Office and 30 Rock come back.