7 thoughts on “The Crappy Monster Squad”

  1. The vampire bit (no pun intended, durr) turned me into a lame monster known as the Cackling Girl Waker.

  2. On an unrelated note, any interest in inventing a Debate ’08 drinking game? I’m thinking taking a drink anytime someone make a main street/wall street comparison, refers to himself/herself as a “maverick” or doesn’t actually answer the question they were asked. If there was another VP debate scheduled you could also add a rule requiring drinking after every forced folksy saying by Palin or every time Biden numbers his answers to a question.

  3. Blake – You should really stop reading this cartoon while hiding in girls’ closets.

    Gabe – That main/wall street comparison has been so overused the past couple of weeks, it now sounds like a foreign word, devoid of all meaning. I probably won’t get around to formulating a drinking game since others are much better at it than I could ever be.

  4. Blake – Perhaps that’s why my comedy is best suited for reclusive hermits in comical red long johns with ass-flaps. At least that’s how I imagine all of my readers.

    Melissa – Don’t encourage the Nader Voting Vampire! He’s worse than those shitty ones on that shitty show True Blood.

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