6 thoughts on “Recession Survival Tips”

  1. Brick in baby formula… outstanding…

    I’m really just amazed that you still crank out cartoons every October, since the Saux never seem to stop playing…

  2. Eric – Quick! before the Decemberists beat you to it.

    Abell – Thanks. The rest of the comic was just filler to pad out that one good recession joke I had.

    As for the Sox, I was fully expecting them to be wiped out in the ALDS, but apparently the AL West is even shittier than I thought.

    If the ALCS drags on, there’s no way I can avoid a drop-off in quality. More single panels and shit jokes are in store, at least through this interminable election.

  3. Sewing the flap on my long-johns, I was consistently chuckling at each panel, but then I saw the last one and let out a huge, pig-like snort that echoed throughout my tiny shack and out into the mountains around it.

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