Hey You British People

So many of you liked BBC Radio 4’s Phil Jupitus’ Comic Love program, that it’s been expanded into its component parts for your listening pleasure. The new series is called Phil Jupitus’ Comic Strips and airs this week, again on BBC Radio 4. The episode with myself and my CWA pals airs Tuesday morning at 9:30am, Limey Time. Who knows how many of my swears will make it into the broadcast this time?

I’m not sure it will be archived, so be sure to tune in.

UPDATE: It is archived, and you can find it here.

2 thoughts on “Hey You British People”

  1. I listened to this interview with great interest and found it very inspiring and informative. It’s great to hear what people with similar interests and motivations are doing, and on a practical level I’ve found it very helpful, as I want to do similar things. Keep up the great work!

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