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Since I’m almost burnt out on the presidential campaign, here’s a rundown of the ballot questions here in Massachusetts and what I think of them. We don’t have any utterly evil ones like California’s prop 8, Florida’s 2, or Arizona’s 102 (102?! how many questions do you guys have to answer?). If you live in any of those states, vote no unless you want your state to become famously homophobic.

Ballot Question 1: A Proposed Law to Eliminate the State Income Tax

This is really dumb. Sure it sounds nice at first, as would “Free Pickle Fridays,” but the more you think about it, the shittier it gets. We live in a civilized society. I enjoy having plumbing, streets, policemen and firemen, teachers, roads, etc. Basically I love everything that makes MA better than New Hampshire. Even if you eliminate the state income tax, other taxes would go up to pay for the services we need. Unlike McCain and Palin, I am aware that there are other taxes besides the income tax. Property, sales, excise, and “fees,” which are what Mittens liked to call taxes, will go up to make up the difference if this question passes.

Ballot Question 2: An Act Establishing a Sensible Marijuana Policy

Makes sense to me. Like every other state, MA is facing a huge budget shortfall. Why not save some cash by not wasting any on an unwinnable War on Drugs? We should go even further and legalize it, then tax the shit out of it. It would be an excellent way to generate revenue from all those college kids who are temporary residents of my fair state.

Ballot Question 3: An Initiative for an Act to Protect Greyhounds

I suppose this is slightly more important than an act to protect cupcakes, but I really don’t care. MA only has two dog tracks, one of which isn’t too far from where I grew up. I never went there, and based on attendance, no one else does either. But if dog racing finally disappears, the Wonderland T stop should be renamed Funkytown or something equally fanciful.

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  1. Arizona has an odd way of numbering their ballot questions.

    There are only 8 propositions on their November ballot. They are Propositions 100, 101, 102, 105, 200, 201, 202, and 300.

    Arizona Prop. 104, which would have prevented the state from discriminating people based on their race/sex/etc… was rejected and will not be on the ballot.

  2. I like greyhounds cause they’re nice dogs. I don’t like the crap that happens to them through racing.
    So I say let’s all vote yes on question 3!

  3. Can’t your state just vote on the dog issue in the halls of its state legislature-y building thingies? It doesn’t seem necessary to bother the citizenry. After all, the politicians were voted into office to decide mundane shit.

    I agree with you on the state income tax. I’m not sure it will pass anyway. People hate property tax more than income tax.

    I also agree on the pot issue. They should make it legal, then sell it out of state or specialty stores like they do with alcohol in other states. They should also make prostitution legal and weed out all the ugly hookers.

  4. 1) Roads? Where we’re going, we won’t need roads. Solar-powered hover DeLoreans by 2010.
    2) Why stop at marijuana? Legalize all recreational drug usage. That would really sock-it to those fat cat pharmaceutical companies with their greedy capitalist machines.
    3) All manner of domesticated animal(dog, cat, hamster, tropical fish, cage bird, and pot bellied pig) will be covered under the new national health care system.

    I expect much of this new Democratic government.

  5. 1) MA budget has nothing but waste in it! They skimp on what is important, like roads and cry poor mouth. The best analogy I can come up with is: To kill Caner you have to starve it. MA got it right with a flat tax, BUT the average Liberal, and MA is loaded with them thinks a small segment should pay for everyone else. So I say repeal the state income tax, and when they raise property taxes; vote them out of office! Even if we don’t my 230k home vs your 400k home. Touches on another thing that bothers me, OUR HOMES ARE NOT PIGGY BANKS.

    2) Marijuana is a drug, it should be illegal. We punish crimes to deter them!

    3) MA has caught more animal abusers at the race tracks then most states in the last decade. Some Dog racers/breeders will not come to MA, because the attention that is paid to the animals. Although some do it out of legitimate protest, I am willing to bet the scumbags are the majority of the bunch.

  6. We got rid of state income tax in Australia during the first world war. Ever since then the state govs have gone through some crazy shit to try and raise cash, usually going after businesses with taxes that made no sense. Right now they’re into gambling, it’s legal over here and the government runs most of it (and taxes the living fuck out of the rest). It only took 90 years for the courts to rule out dodgy state taxes so yeah good luck with no state income tax over there.

    Those sites you linked to were so terrible I’d be tempted to vote yes just to spite them, if I wasn’t sure the yes sites were 100 times worse. Either way you’re still beating Italy.
    He just got re-elected.

  7. Anthony – Yeah, the ballot groups are terrible at web design, and even worse at lawn sign and bumper sticker layouts.

    Those wacky Italians! Berlusconi is doing even more damage to their rep than Tony Soprano.

    I’m surprised to learn Australia has taxes and stuff. I thought your economy was based entirely on trading didgeridos for koalas.

  8. Animal Rights activists are attempting to outlaw chicken sandwiches. Methinks they been smoking too much dope.

  9. Hey Doug G.,

    So should we classify anything that alters one’s perceptions as a drug? I guess we should round up every Whirling Dervish as spinning in circles distorts one’s frame of mind. Grow up and allow people to make choices for themselves.

    As it pertains directly to ballot question 2, a CORI record follows you your entire life. Even if you serve your time and pay your debt to society for simple marijuana possession, a mark on your CORI record will been seen by banks when you apply for loans, employers when you apply for jobs and credit card companies when you apply for credit cards. With the laws in place as they are now, if you are arrested for possession when you are 18 you pay your entire life. Anyone with common sense should realize that the punishment does not fit the crime.

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