The Obama Show

The infomercial did what it had to do: not offend anyone and convince the few remaining undecideds in the wishy middle that he’s safe. However, the Obama campaign should’ve had the KEC TV crew produce it.

Damon is currently my favorite person in the world. Can he replace Jimmy Fallon’s spot on Late Night when Conan moves to The Tonight Show?

4 thoughts on “The Obama Show”

  1. Matt – He’s probably too nice to be part of the “Gotcha Media.” And I kinda like the stand-up interview. It sucks for Damon, but it’s pretty adorable watching him struggle holding the mic up to Biden’s blathering chompers.

    Kevin – And she’d reply, “Well Damon, I get all my news from colorin’ books.”

    And he’d close the interview with “Sarah Palin is NOT my homegirl.”

  2. good laaaaaawdy lawd that is the cutest thing EVAH!!!!!!

    I love how he says, “the music was TIGHT”


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