So Long, Orel!

It’s a shame Moral Orel‘s ten weekly minutes of stop-motion hilarity was eating into so much valuable dumbshit random stoner comedy that it was canceled. My only comfort is that Dino didn’t have to worry about ratings while making this final season so he can take Orel’s odyssey into some truly freaky territory.

Confidential to Television Executives: Is there anything I like you won’t fuck up? Don’t say The Office either. All that cutesy Jim and Pam shit belongs in an airport novel, not on my comedy stories.

8 thoughts on “So Long, Orel!”

  1. I noticed that… some of those newer ones were so harsh they were getting a little unfunny.

    (However, I’m clearly the last artist who should be complaining about someone else’s satire becoming unfunny because they it seemed like they were too pissed off about the subject matter…)

  2. I hear ya Abell, but I’ve found plenty of funny mixed in with the pathos. Plus, I’m sure Dino, the show’s creator, knows where he’s going with this.

    Orel is on track to becoming a good, reasonable, humanist, in spite of his fundamentalism. Depending on the outcome of Tuesday, his journey could be a parable for America.

    Oh! Excuse me! I had a pompous-ass rod shoved up my butt for a minute there.

  3. I’d give up Adult Swim if it wern’t for “Superjail”. For an Adult Swim show, it’s very well animated AND it’s not outsourced to Korea/Mexico/Czech Republic/China. Oh, and random mass-killings of prisoners.

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