23 Cent Book Bin

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We cartoonists are presented with a dilemma every election year. Cartoons that come out after the election are due before it. I got cocky in 2004, and despite all the evidence that Obama would win handily, I didn’t want to risk adding extra poo to the shit sandwich we’d all be eating if McCain-Palin won. Many others had some balls and didn’t hedge their bets. For that, I salute their large and prescient cajones.

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2 thoughts on “23 Cent Book Bin”

  1. I loved your book titles! I am hard pressed to pick a favorite. However, “Some Chick Writes About Her Feelings” held special appeal as I tend toward females for friendship much more than males, and in the course of our conversations, we often tease using stereotypes as a launch pad. Many is the time when I’ve quipped “you’re up to your eyeballs in feelings & stuff, eh?” or something in a similar vein. They get their shots in as well and we have a great time. Thank you for sharing your creative, satirical wit with us.

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