Take a Break, for Safety’s Sake

The Obama transition team is even tighter lipped than the campaign was. That is a good thing. Almost everything you’re hearing now are trial balloons or pure, unsubstantiated speculation. I’ve never done it, but I assume building an administration takes longer than a week. So until real news starts to come out, why not catch up on your Netflix DVDs, read some books, and tend to your woefully neglected social life? It’s a much more pleasant option than freaking out over whatever tiny scraps of news they decide to throw at Candy Crowley’s stupid, dumb face.

11 thoughts on “Take a Break, for Safety’s Sake”

  1. Wolf-Matt – That hologram shit was hyped-up uselessness not seen since that Lucky Charms PR blitz introducing Red Balloon marshmallows.

    Alfred – Or maybe I’m still feeling some residual post-election niceness.

  2. Man, c’mon. I mean, none of us like to look at Candy Crowley, but the lady is actually remarkably good at what she does, especially when evaluated against her peers. Low blow.

  3. Hey, man, I’ll take Candy Crowley over John King and his magic board any day.

    Didn’t think she had so many fans ready to throw down, didja?

    Actually, a Candy Crowley t-shirt would be a real hit with certain nerds like me.

  4. I had no idea there was a Crowley Army out there! I guess my penchant for alliteration is what caused me to single her out. That, and she’s the only reporter at Obama’s press conference that I recognized.

  5. I have sympathy for her every time she has to file a report for Lou Dobbs. You can see the pain in her face as she withstands Dobbs’ incoherent fulminations against vague bogeys like “Washington” and “lack of leadership.” It’s like she’s thinking, “Is there a question here?”

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