Wanna Be In PA

Eagles of Death Metal – Wanna Be In LA

PA, LA, it’s all the same. Both are somewhere “out west” to me. I’m off to the land of Yuengling for a couple of weeks, with a brief stop in Baltimore to get my Natty Boh on.

Unless one of those famous bitter Pennsylvanians accidentally shoots me while clinging to a gun, you probably won’t even notice I’m away. Updates and stupid blog posts like this one will continue as usual. The only setback is that I won’t be able to mail out any orders until I get back. But everyone’s poor and not buying stuff anyway.

3 thoughts on “Wanna Be In PA”

  1. Welcome then to the Keystone State. You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania. Maybe. But it’s not me. I’m just a fan. Clinging bitterly to my rifle and religion.

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