Both Sides of the War on Christmas

Now that we’re all poor as fuck, bitching about liberal douchebags like me saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas; I hate gays and love embryos! And if anyone says ‘Feliz Navidad,’ send ’em back to Mexico!” seems pretty trivial. But lets remember Xmas 2007, when we were all bloated with imaginary money, and very petty hatreds.

Toby Keith offers one perspective at Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Cabin:

And here’s my opposing viewpoint.

I love Stephen Colbert, and would gladly give up this shit alt-weekly comic strip to write for his show, but Sweet Mary’s Placenta, Viacom sure makes it hard to embed a promo for their awesome shows. In this era of embedded video, just stick video ads at the end of the clips. People will watch them and you won’t fuck up my blog.

3 thoughts on “Both Sides of the War on Christmas”

  1. Warren – Thanks. I don’t think I can top it with this year’s Xmas comic, but I hope it takes that fat fuck Santa down a few pegs.

    Matt – 90%. It’s not 100, because the remaining 10% are too busy gettin’ fucked up to listen to the lyrics.

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