Internet Anti-Memes & Non-Sensations

Internet Anti-Memes & Non-Sensations
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The Prius nipples should’ve gone on the headlights, but that would violate safety regulations.

For your viewing pleasure, I put together some ERUDITE FERRET MACROS. (They are not to be confused with LOL Ferrets, who have a limited grasp of English and the world around them.)

If anyone wants to create the STD Tracker App, go right ahead. Then you can give Big Fat Whale the clap.

Next Week: Obama’s Mad Science

The Alt-Comics Purge

Tom Tomorrow‘s been tops covering and compiling reactions to this week’s alt-weekly comics shitstorm.

Jen’s assessment is probably the most optimistic of the bunch, and I agree with her. Altweeklies that are rooted in the community, something Village Voice Media hasn’t been since it merged into a national super-beast, will probably be able to ride this out. Hopefully cartoonists can to.

Boston Space Savahs

Boston Space Savahs
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Since the cartoon is currently only appearing in New England weeklies, I went with a topic that probably doesn’t make sense in parts of the world where snow doesn’t turn people into mega-Massholes.

Space squatting has been epidemic here in the Boston area for decades, but this winter it’s especially bad since the snow’s been piling up for weeks. This practice was only officially sanctioned a couple years ago, and technically only applies for 48 hours following a significant snowfall. But that doesn’t stop people from defending their little slices of street like pioneer homesteaders. Actually, they should be forced to build a shack on their space to prove their claim, instead of using whatever rubbish is lying around.

You might’ve noticed I tweaked the layout of the site a bit to accommodate ads from Project Wonderful. It’s a pretty cool and open system that lets people bid on advertising spaces. So if you’ve got something to pitch to the folks who read BFW, place a bid. Right now it’s super-cheap since it hasn’t collected much traffic data.

Next Week: Internet Non-Sensations

President Sexypants

If only we could never speak of the previous eight years and pretend they never happened. Well America, we can’t undo what’s been done. We fucked up. Or more precisely, you fucked up. I was right all along. 9/11 magically excuses you for your retardation. Somehow.

But let’s look toward tomorrow. Here are all of my Obama Cartoons:

The Legend of Barack Obama

He may be awesome, but he’s still a man.

Hey America! Look at Us!

I’m fine with Obama drawing me peein’ my pants.

Future Campaign Scandal Round-Up

I want to slap Fred Thompson’s Jowls around.

Westminster Democratic Candidate Show

Oh fathead Timmy. Your fathead was so fat.

More Smears, Gaffes, and Laffs with Barack Obama

Nah, he’s cool.

The Comedy Duo of Obama & McCain

McCain was a lot like Rickles, except shitty.

Wacky Electoral Beliefs

eBay 2017 is gonna be stuffed with Obama crap.

Swing States Say

I will enjoy the three weeks we have to not think about elections.

Baracktion Comics Presents

Even more people would’ve voted for him if he could fly.

The Obama Tortures

Rick Warren is an ass.

So Long Bush & Cheney

You sucked and will continue to suck.

Now that we have reasonable people running things, I’ll probably be doing less political cartoons. But maybe not. It’s much easier to read the news and come up with an idea rather than pulling one out of my ass.

Failed Food Revue

Failed Food Revue
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Here’s something I slapped together while nursing my New Year’s hangover. That’s why there’s an “Airline coffee sure is bad!” hack joke in there. At least it has stink lines. Stink lines make everything better. Next time you’re paying a bill, draw stink lines and flies on the check. You’ll feel good!

As for the new year itself, it hasn’t been so happy. Big Fat Whale has been dropped from two papers since Thanksgiving. On the plus side, not wanting to starve will give me extra motivation to make things for you to buy. (If you still have a job by then.)

Next Week: So Long Bush & Cheney