Failed Food Revue

Failed Food Revue
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Here’s something I slapped together while nursing my New Year’s hangover. That’s why there’s an “Airline coffee sure is bad!” hack joke in there. At least it has stink lines. Stink lines make everything better. Next time you’re paying a bill, draw stink lines and flies on the check. You’ll feel good!

As for the new year itself, it hasn’t been so happy. Big Fat Whale has been dropped from two papers since Thanksgiving. On the plus side, not wanting to starve will give me extra motivation to make things for you to buy. (If you still have a job by then.)

Next Week: So Long Bush & Cheney

3 thoughts on “Failed Food Revue”

  1. I love this comic so much! I’ll be sure to buy something once I manage to get a nice paycheck. I’ll write my local paper, though I’m not sure if the climate in northeastern Indiana will support an intelligent comic. Damn Garfield! Well, we’ll see! I hope this week is going better for you.

  2. Thanks Debbie. There’s no way local dailies would even consider me. Some alt-weeklies probably cringe at my salty language.

    Charles – Yeah, it’s a shitstorm out there for freelancers and staff cartoonists. Hopefully we’ll end up on the other side of the recession with a business model that pays a fair price for original online content.

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