Brian’s Dream Journal

My ink bottle was filled with a thin, sickly brown liquid. Kind of like flat cola.

I should get Sarah Palin’s witch doctor to exorcise the bottle.

7 thoughts on “Brian’s Dream Journal”

  1. I had a dream that my friend was attacked by a shark while we were playing laser tag in a swimming pool, I left and went to a different pool. By republican standards that’s all I need to run for president president (provided I’m willing to blow Karl Rove).

  2. I dreamt once that I created a show for Nickelodeon about a dyslexic, one-eyed cat who protected the world from an evil, talking foot using his awesome nosehair of power.

    …ya know, it might just work. Move over, SpongeBob!

    (Of course, if they pass, I’ll just add some sex jokes and sell it to Adult Swim.)

  3. Really Brian? A Sarah Palin reference? You realize by mentioning her you give her a small amount of relevance. For shame.

  4. Charles – I can easily see that as a Nickelodeon cartoon. It reminds me of the one with the monsters. One had prominent armpit hair.

    Tree – I know, I know. I feel the same way when people mention the Snuggie blanket/backwards robe.

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