President Sexypants

If only we could never speak of the previous eight years and pretend they never happened. Well America, we can’t undo what’s been done. We fucked up. Or more precisely, you fucked up. I was right all along. 9/11 magically excuses you for your retardation. Somehow.

But let’s look toward tomorrow. Here are all of my Obama Cartoons:

The Legend of Barack Obama

He may be awesome, but he’s still a man.

Hey America! Look at Us!

I’m fine with Obama drawing me peein’ my pants.

Future Campaign Scandal Round-Up

I want to slap Fred Thompson’s Jowls around.

Westminster Democratic Candidate Show

Oh fathead Timmy. Your fathead was so fat.

More Smears, Gaffes, and Laffs with Barack Obama

Nah, he’s cool.

The Comedy Duo of Obama & McCain

McCain was a lot like Rickles, except shitty.

Wacky Electoral Beliefs

eBay 2017 is gonna be stuffed with Obama crap.

Swing States Say

I will enjoy the three weeks we have to not think about elections.

Baracktion Comics Presents

Even more people would’ve voted for him if he could fly.

The Obama Tortures

Rick Warren is an ass.

So Long Bush & Cheney

You sucked and will continue to suck.

Now that we have reasonable people running things, I’ll probably be doing less political cartoons. But maybe not. It’s much easier to read the news and come up with an idea rather than pulling one out of my ass.