The Alt-Comics Purge

Tom Tomorrow‘s been tops covering and compiling reactions to this week’s alt-weekly comics shitstorm.

Jen’s assessment is probably the most optimistic of the bunch, and I agree with her. Altweeklies that are rooted in the community, something Village Voice Media hasn’t been since it merged into a national super-beast, will probably be able to ride this out. Hopefully cartoonists can to.

4 thoughts on “The Alt-Comics Purge”

  1. Hey man, WTF? You’re not getting fed into the CWA site anymore? I just realized I missed like the last 2 months of BFW… crap-sandwich!

    If that were my cartoon, that would be about 5 hours of reading to catch up on…

  2. Yeah, something’s up with the feed-eating aggregator. It can’t tell when my posts were made, so it doesn’t publish them. I spent WAY too much time trying to fix it after the holidays to no avail.

  3. Aha! after typing that comment I checked the help files, and I think I solved it. We shall see.

    For the nerd-curious, I had to upgrade some wp-includes files over on the CWA server.

  4. I’m glad you are all posting on your sites about this (just got done reading through them)…good to keep those of us in our own recession-world up to date on what we’ll be missing if we don’t watch out!

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