Movie Madness is Movie Sadness

Unfortunately, No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood can’t be released every year, so I’m not that interested in the outcome of this year’s Oscar’s. But that’s not stopping me from flippantly critiquing the nominees.

Best Picture
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Yawn! Once again, the salty sea captain stole the show. This was first proven by the cinematic masterpiece, Cabin Boy.

Frost/Nixon – It was entertaining while I was watching it. I haven’t thought about it since.

Milk – Biopics should be their own, lesser category.

The Reader – Didn’t see it, and I’m guessing neither did you.

Slumdog Millionaire – This is my pick. I’ll never watch it again, but it was a fun poopy ride.

The two things we will learn from the 2009 Oscars is that Wall-E was robbed and Heath Ledger is still dead.

Lastly, Synecdoche, NY should’ve gotten a screenplay nod.

8 thoughts on “Movie Madness is Movie Sadness”

  1. Yay for “Cabin Boy”! It is just the sort of goofy nonsense I enjoy in the medium of cinema. I just had to say something because I’ve never seen anyone mention it, let alone in a positive light.

  2. The justification is that since now there is a “Best Animated Feature” category, animated films, no matter how great, don’t deserve/need acknowledgment… unfortunately.

  3. Mark – Chris Elliott was probably 10 years before his time. I spent a week last year rewatching shitty VHS rips of “Get a Life.”

    Amanda – That category is a ghetto. Wasn’t Shrek in it once? Gross. A separate WWII category would make more sense and get 5 nominees every year.

  4. “The two things we will learn from the 2009 Oscars is that Wall-E was robbed…”
    Already happened at the Annie’s. Kung Fu Panda managed to win every single awards they were nominated in. In another news, Dreamworks was one of the primary sponsers of the award.

    Hmmm, maybe I should start wearing tinfoil hats.

    (and awards are for dopes…unless something I really like wins)

  5. no offense to him whatsoever, but I would prefer someone else won supporting actor award. As for best picture, you have to go with the reviews, in which case, Slumdog would win.

  6. I agree with you Charles. I’d enter BFW in more of them if it weren’t for the entry fees. I don’t want to spend $25-$100 and a day putting a submission packet together just to find out a panel of old folks don’t get my jokes.

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