Correcting a Tremendous Oversight

I was introduced to the Farting Preacher several months ago, but I was away from my computer and never got around to posting him here, where he belongs.

Perhaps this error is why I’ve had such bad luck this winter.

2 thoughts on “Correcting a Tremendous Oversight”

  1. Crazy thing about these videos of Robert Tilton is that they were made back in the early 90s, when he was HUGE down here in Dallas, where he was based. My friends used to pass around VHS tapes of it in high school and laugh off their arses. Never imagined he’d be famous again on internets two decades later.

  2. I just assumed the farts were added AFTER someone found old VHS tapes. Editing in the farts and passing around the tapes requires a lot of effort.

    Reminds me of this Mr. Show sketch:

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