Jindal/Palin 2012!

Or the other way around. I don’t care. We cartoonists need these goofballs to remain in the spotlight. Toss in a Huckabee and you got yourself a stew! A stew of hilarious morons.

Oh! I almost forgot. The real reason for this post is to alert you that the Arrested Development movie is a go!

If you don’t know how those two paragraphs are related, then you must be hopped up on Forget-Me-Nows.

2 thoughts on “Jindal/Palin 2012!”

  1. I don’t see the connection but Jindal/Palin would be the most uninspiring and entertaining pair ever. The accents are worth the price of entry and the rest would just be icing.

  2. The connection is that they are both dummies. Jindal was widely believed to be the GOP’s Great Brown Hope, but his response to Obama’s speech last night showed that he’s as bad as Palin.

    Also, he mocked volcano monitoring. Are hurricanes the only natural disasters worth watching out for?

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