10 thoughts on “Prime Time is Garbage Time”

  1. Melissa – I hope another Real Housewives marathon doesn’t pop up and destroy my productivity.

    Charles – It’s already a huge genre on the Travel Channel. Their whole programming strategy is “Anthony Bourdain being cool, and a bunch of assholes making disgusting eating noises the rest of the time.”

  2. The Circus of YouTube stars already exists. It’s called “cable news” where they waste an entire segment airing internet clips only senior citizens haven’t seen yet.

  3. The “Revolting Freaks” one reminds me of George Carlin’s routine about terms that didn’t make sense when you really thought about them — especially the term “pussy foot”.

  4. Matt – I’d rather have 20 million of those segments instead of the Joe the Plumber updates.

    Warren – I forgot about that bit. But the foot-boobs thing might’ve been it subconsciously bubbling up in my noodle.

  5. “Food Jerk” and “Show For Nerds” each made me laugh my guts out (and in again) because they ring so true. “Inspector Toilet” made me do the same but not for the same reason. I applaud your mix of highbrow elitist comedy with poop humor. It is truly the way forward.

  6. Thanks Blake. Like Jesus does with some folks, the poop humor keeps me grounded and offers me a path to salvation.

    I originally had “The Toilet Whisperer” for that panel, but my pre-drawing Google check revealed that it was already in wide use.

  7. You use Google to check stuff about your work before you post it? You’d make a terrible right-wing pundit.

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