Future Stars of the GOP

Future Stars of the GOP
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Sorry for the delay. I forgot to adjust WordPress for daylight savings.

It’s amazing how bereft of talent and charisma the current Republican bench is. It’s not a fluke. When a party’s ideals are that selfish and delusion-based, the chances of finding someone who believes in them and can appear sympathetic to normal people are pretty slim. I doubt that person even exists.

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7 thoughts on “Future Stars of the GOP”

  1. When Bobby Jindal is your next big thing, you are in a world of shit. Maybe Bristol Palin’s ex-fiance Levi can be the newest up-and-comer. Could be fertile grounds for campaign slogans. And thanks for the signed copy of your book, dude. “I picked a booger.” Brilliant. That would make a great title for your autobiography. Perhaps with a little time and luck, that phrase could join the American literary lexicon, right up there with “Call Me Ishmael”.

  2. Poor Levi. He just wanted to fuck n’ hunt. Like a big dumb bear on a snowmobile.

    Nice to see the post office can still get stuff outside of 495 in less than 2 days. “I picked a booger” has pathos, I tells ya!

  3. I love the cement impressions of Joe The Plumber, et al.

    Is the toast thing real? I heard something about this somewhere (Colbert?), and it scares me.

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