Your Health and You

Your Health and You
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Last month I found out that my cholesterol is a little high, so I had to start paying attention to my diet. Somehow I forgot that 6 eggs and a brick of Cabot’s Seriously Sharp every week might not be the most heart-healthy habit.

“Early Onset Crazy Irish Eyebrows” is a real thing and I won’t rest until there’s a telethon to find a cure.

Next Week: Home-Schooled Hero

10 thoughts on “Your Health and You”

  1. You’re right. If I made them this weekend and posted a pic here, it would get WAY more traffic than the cartoon making fun of it.

    That shit’s depressing, yo.

  2. Isn’t stuff like that cholesterol thing par for the course for cartoonists? I had to buy a cuff to keep track of my ballooning blood-pressure, and see a chiropractor for my jacked-up back…

  3. JP – I was a week late, but drunk micks never go out of season.

    Abell – I know ‘rhoids are. If I did a daily, there’s no way my back could survive without a drafting table. Right now I’m hunching over a desk like a Dark Ages monk.

  4. the eggs are no doubt my fault, the cheese yours.

    I love that you put the early onset crazy Irish eyebrows on a LADY!

  5. Melissa – Ladies with Crazy Irish Eyebrows almost have it as bad as women with Crazy Italian Mustaches.

    Blake – Thanks. I wish I had even the slightest bit of musical skill to write it as a bonafide jingle, instead of just some dumb couplets.

  6. The singing telegram may be gold, but the crazy Irish eyebrows is fried gold!
    Love the site Brian, its ace, thank you!

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