Thoughts on Obama’s Presser

There were some good questions in there, but none were from the left. Questions such as, “Krugman says Geithner’s plan is taxpayer ass-rape, on a scale of micropenis to John Holmes, how big is the dong this toxic asset plan shoves up our asses?”

It goes without saying that all the conservative questions have been mentioned and refuted a billion times before. Here’s how I would’ve answered some of those dummies’ questions. I’m paraphrasing, of course.

“There’s going to be lots of debt in 8 or 10 years!” Is that right Doc Brown? If there is not substantial economic growth by then, which is what your projections assume, we will all be eating shit sandwiches under bridges, all of which collapsed due to our neglected and unfunded infrastructure.

“Stem cells are people!” Did you just get here from 2003 on that other guy’s time machine? Stem cells are a microscopic clump from a lady who was recently fuckin’ or they come from a petri dish in a fertility factory. It’s 2009 and this is only debated by folks who believe in magic.

Chinese Communists! dollar, dollar bills, yo.” Communism didn’t make all those shitty toys and killer milk. Also, for communists, they sure aren’t sharing any of their money.

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  1. Thanks! Like everyone else, I owe most of it to Krugman. But what is genius about him is that he just points at the naked emperor and says, “Dude. Nude. Nude dude. The dude is nude. Don’t mean to be rude, but…”

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