The Home-Schooled Hero

The Home-Schooled Hero
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I’m probably going to catch some flak from defensive home-schoolers because of this cartoon. I will attempt to preemptively address their concerns, because there are few things that make people angrier than suggesting that they’re raising their kids the wrong way. One of the other things is telling them their religious views are something you don’t share.

First off, I don’t have a problem with home-schooling little kids. You don’t need an education degree to recite the alphabet and teach a kid to fingerpaint. They might miss out on developing some social skills, and making friends, but the world needs a new generation of sheltered weirdoes to become its next cartoonists.

Through junior high and high school, I must’ve had two or three dozen different teachers in various subjects. Some where shitty, some were great, but most knew how to teach their specific field because they spent years with it. I don’t think a parent can do the work of 20 or so people, who probably have hundreds of years of cumulative experience, by reading a couple of books and downloading some lesson plans.

What do I know? I don’t have kids. If I ever do, I hope I would send them to school and raise them free range style. But they say money and having children are the two things that can turn liberals into conservatives.

Here’s a relevant sketch from The Whitest Kids U Know:

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8 thoughts on “The Home-Schooled Hero”

  1. Dear Brian,

    Your subtlety humbles me. I was particularly impressed with your ending panel wherein our hero repeats the wisdom of mom with regards to rapture.

    Your work is, for now, a great, legal pleasure.

  2. Hi Brian,
    first off, very funny comic- and really funny link to the video…just wanted to point out that there are a lot of us out there though that don’t fit the stereotype. I’m for one a ‘liberal’ mom. Don’t have a religious bone in my body. And I homeschool. Or ‘unschool’ Which means the kids do whatever the hell they want, learn whatever they want and generally have a pretty fabulous Free Range Life. Whenever possible they get to make their own decisions about their life and go and do what they want. And they’re young still, but my 11 year old spends a lot of time on her own and can travel around our town unimpeded (we do have to take some precautions about the truant officer though.) I know you don’t have kids now, but it might be a good idea to spend some time thinking about how mainstream school seriously conflicts with anything resembling freedom. And lest you think I’m a one of a kind, there are many many many homeschoolers that are like me, we just don’t have the same political/media power as the religious homeschoolers that you see so often on the telly. You don’t hear from us as much, we’re all hanging out with each other in parks, playing and talking and living a pretty cool life.

    Anyway, got 3 kids and better run, my 4 year old needs help getting Pennywise on the ipod (her favorite song is Western World) and my 8 year old is practicing her electric guitar and my 11 year old is rereading Twilight. Just another Sunday morning at our house.


  3. interesting comic, and blog entry you have there. i love how the misconception of the “sheltered” homeschooler is still prevelant. if you think back to your own school days how often did you here “this is not a social hour. get back to work!” or have your notes taken and then read to the class to shame and embarrass you.
    not all homeschoolers shelter their children, teach them the bible and fill their heads with trash. there are alot of us out there who actually love learning, encourage our children to explore, read, investigate, enjoy learning and knowedge for the sake of it… not just to pass some test and then have it lost in the brain files of useless information.
    i find that by giving my children the basic tools, they discover what they want to know, dive in and love what they are learning. you can’t get much more “free range” than that.
    but it is always nice to have someone who knows no homeschoolers, has no children, and does absolutely no research comment on the subject and spread misinformation.
    great job!

    heather h.

  4. Warren – The cynic in me saw all the attention Cthulu-themed things get on the web, and that was shameless pandering.

    Heathers – Glad you escaped Veronica and JD.

    Heather 1 – Thanks for the reasonable feedback! I’m already two comics past this so it isn’t on my mind any more. It’s a series of ridiculous jokes extrapolated from the premise: “Hey, a guy who’s only experience is through the filter of his mom is gonna be kind of weird.”

    I’m aware that’s doesn’t apply to all or most homeschooling. Just like how I don’t really believe all Republicans don’t know the Heimlich, or that Hipsters should be hunted and eaten. But if I added qualifiers to all my cartoons so they wouldn’t offend anyone, I’d bore everyone, including myself.

    Oh, and Pennywise at 4? Careful. When they hit puberty they’re gonna go the other way. I don’t care how cool a parent is, the kids always rebel. Even if they’re rebelling into Squaresville.

    Heather 2 – I don’t have kids, but I had this weird medical condition where I was childlike for 18 years. I have memories and opinions from that time that the doctors have tentatively referred to as “my childhood.”

    Don’t forget to go over capitalization in your next lesson plan. Though it seems you’ve got passive aggression and sarcasm 101 covered! Great Job!

    Blake – If I had more space, I would’ve squeezed in a Bullitt reference instead.

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