Baseball’s Not-So-Greats

Baseball's Not-So-Greats
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Baseball season is finally here. It’s been a long winter.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the Red Sox’ chances this season. The average age of the roster is a little too high to instill much confidence. Last year, when everyone was a year younger, the team was already plagued with injuries.

Work on the new Big Fat Whale book continues. I hope you will buy it when it’s done.

Next Week: The Bankers’ Dozens

2 thoughts on “Baseball’s Not-So-Greats”

  1. I’m not afraid of Jesse Jackson. Ever since he failed to cut Obama’s nuts off, what’s to fear?

    I can only hope he or Al Sharpton hops on board the Self-Righteous Indignation bandwagon and throws some publicity my way.

    I put serious thought into it before including it in the comic. I can defend circles around this cartoon.

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