Enough with the Zombie Marches

There are two of them going on in the Boston area this weekend. One of them in my neighborhood. That shit was played out a year and a half ago when I did this cartoon. Be warned hipster douchebags, you are doing to zombies what goths did to vampires: turning them into pussies and punchlines.

Calm down. I love zombies too. I just don’t have to play dress up and LARP around town to prove my love. Can’t you assholes just hang out and talk about Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE over beers without all the attention-whoring pomp?

It was funny the first time around. Now you’re just repeating the same joke over and over. What are you? Little Britain?

17 thoughts on “Enough with the Zombie Marches”

  1. Kevin – Oh man, the pirate meme was the worst. And now with the real Somali pirates, there will probably be a resurgence.

    Thickmick – There’s already enough space junk. Zing-a-ding-a-DONG!

  2. Maybe the Zombie douchebags could eat the flesh of the pillow-fight douchebags, and then be killed by the gun-nut douchebags.

  3. oh c’mon, it’s not THAT bad! people could be doing worse things with their zombie-lovin’ time!

  4. Melissa – I cannot abide lameness. I love Cool Hand Luke, but I’m not organizing an event were folks can watch me eat 50 eggs. To me, crap like this just screams “OOOH LOOK AT US! AREN’T WE SO PRECIOUS AND CLEVER?! ALSO HERE ARE SOME HACKNEYED PUNS ABOUT ‘BRAINS!'”

  5. I’ve come up with an even simpler argument:

    We mock SciFi cosplayers and furries, why not these zombie-tards? Because they’re being ironic? Not good enough.

  6. I can’t even eat two without my cholesterol going all fuckity.

    But if I did such a thing, I would do it in the privacy of my home and not bore all of Mass Ave. with my goofy egg-eating hijinks.

  7. Hahaaahha. That “hipster douchebag” link is so fucking true. I live in Brooklyn and I can’t even leave my house to go to the grocery store anymore without walking through parliament smoking crowds with tight pants, and ironic t-shirts.

    i think they just want to like zombies because the rest of the world thinks they are scary. I can just see them all sitting around saying “hey wouldn’t it be cool and totally unexpected to start liking zombies?”

  8. Steve – If they did each sketch once, instead of repeating them over and over again, a la SNL, it would be fine. But as it is, it’s a lazy catch phrase and fake titties delivery system.

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