Goofing Off

If I wasn’t goofing off every couple of hours on Twitter, there would be no release valve for my dumb jokes. They’d clog my brain, preventing me from coming up with better stuff for the strip.

But occasionally one or two will plop out of my brain-hole that is good enough to share beyond my re-tweeting circle jerk. This is one of those times, and you dear blog readers, are the victims of my generosity.

I started off mentioning that all the scrotum jokes surrounding these infernal “tea parties” were beginning to bore me.  That, in turn, threatened to reduce my output of cock n’ balls jokes, which are currently 33% of my total output. Then Dan Tobin, writer of the Urban Blah, requested a pie chart to find out what made up the other two thirds. Naturally, I obliged:

BFW Joke Pie Chart
click for pie chart

After looking at that, would you believe the guy who drew it is just a couple months shy of 30?

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