I Miss Baltimore

If I, an internet nerd, can’t even find a Micah’s Soul Food Cafeteria commercial on YouTube, there is no chance of me convincing others that the Baltimore of “The Wire” isn’t that far from reality.

This is a comedy sketch from Chicago, but it is also the only video I’ve found that captures the Kaufmanesque wonder of those Micah’s commercials. (For their Xmas one, they chanted “Go Santa, it’s your birthday” to a plug-in Santa.)

In case you’re still confused, this is a comedy video. It’s OK to laugh.

6 thoughts on “I Miss Baltimore”

  1. Wow… Micah’s… I hadn’t thought of that place in years but now I have the christmas commercial running through my head non-stop. Made my night!

  2. I wish I was more food-adventurous in college. Instead of just enjoying the commercials, I would’ve learned I love okra, kale, lake fish, and paying for food through a lazy susan.

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