7 thoughts on “Top Secret Plans for America”

  1. Matt – Kevin also mentioned that over on Facebook, but here in MA, I see “Arab Online Dating” with no mention of matrimonials. I hope these ads aren’t triggered by use of the phrase “secret Muslim.” Because that is a giant waste of money.

    Melissa – I spent at least an hour trying to find a way to make it more accurate by including “WASHINGTON” underneath, but it took up way too much space.

  2. Impeccably decorated high speed rail that serves salmon mini-quiche would bankrupt the airline industry overnight.

    Have you considered pimping yourself out and asking fans to vote for you on digg for something other than word of mouth?

  3. It wouldn’t need to be anywhere near that fancy to bankrupt the airlines. Give me a beer and a soft pretzel from the cafe car over $5 peanuts any day.

    StumbleUpon and Reddit have been rather good to me without any blatant pimping, but I think I’ll be including one of those social media sharing buttons relatively soon.

  4. I originally read “pile of confiscated goats” can you get Obama to make one of those too?

  5. I doubt any red-staters would object to goat confiscation. Only fer’ners and petting zoos have ’em.

    BTW, even if I wasn’t a ravenous meat eater, I’d still eat goat. One of those fuckers knocked me down when I was 4.

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