The World at My Sphincter-tips

As part of a Twitter joke at the Globe’s expense, I made a link to Google News results for the word fart. Turns out farts are frequently in the news. I have since subscribed to the feed for that page. It is fascinating. I have also done the same for feces.

TANGENT: I don’t mean to be a feces populist, but if you spell it faeces, who you foolin’? No amount of fancy spelling is going to make anyone forget you’re talking about shitting. Just call it ass-daisies if you’re too delicate for shit.

As for the Globe, its situation is really not funny. It’s like a bizarro Seattle, where the PI is replaced with a paper from Boston, the bizarro-Seattle. Don’t believe me? Both are liberal, coastal cities, but Seattle’s Big Dig might not happen, and unlike Kurt Cobain, the members of Aerosmith didn’t commit suicide, which they should have, after their first album.

7 thoughts on “The World at My Sphincter-tips”

  1. Perhaps they could’ve waited until after Pump to off themselves, but NO LATER.

    Can you hear this comment over the cheesy power ballads you are no doubt grooving to right now?

  2. Even Pump is a few albums past their prime. I give ’em till Night in the Ruts at best, but at least until Rocks.

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