The Great Pandemic Panic & Flu Freakout

Pandemic Panic & Flu Freakout
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People went nuts for that flu shit last week, huh? I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly people quit freaking out, even if it means this cartoon is as stale as a white, sun-baked dog turd.

This is the second time I referenced 2 Girls, 1 Cup in the comic this year. It’s kinda hacky, I confess. But unless my internetting skills failed me, I believe it’s still the reigning champ of viral nastiness.

Matt’s Swine Flu cartoon points out that a more lethal killer lurks in our driveways, and we and the media couldn’t care less.

I’m too busy to write out a long-winded treatise on how the public and media poorly understand epidemiology. Instead, below the fold, here’s every video mentioned in this cartoon, except the nasty one. No one wants that.

Leave Britney Alone!

Charlie Bit My Finger

Farting Preacher

Dramatic Chipmunk

If you watched all of those, congratulations! You have just experienced the full potential of the internet.

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