Tom the Dancing Bug’s Ruben Bolling took some COCKY SAUCE a couple weeks ago and went after Oprah, Ashton, and whoever-the-hell else I couldn’t give two shits about in order to rack up his Facebook Fan Count. I let it slide, because he is OLD, and society teaches us to respect our elders. We’re talking Helen Hunt OLD folks, not small potatoes old like Jennifer Aniston.

But then Jen Sorensen of Slowpoke threw down and challenged Bolling. A kerfuffle ensued, and now both of these far more talented and famous cartoonists have WAY more Facebook Fans than Big Fat Whale. This is terrible news for me, as I just commisioned a “PRINCESS OF THE INTERNET” tiara from my local Kay Jewelers.

FIX THIS PEOPLE! I really want to wear this tiara.

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