Mark Your Calendars NYC!

Usually you are nothing but that thing I take the Tappan Zee to avoid on my adventures further south, but not June 6th and 7th! I will be emerging from my New England hermit-hole to attend this year’s MoCCA Festival. The event goes from 11am-6pm each day, with admission at $10 for one day, or $15 for both.

I’ll be debuting the long-overdue Big Fat Whale book, “Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums.”

Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums

I’ll be tabling right next to fellow CWA‘ers Mikhaela Reid and Masheka Wood, and with the talented illustrator and arteest, Melissa J. Gibson.

And that’s just a tiny sliver of the exhibitors. Check the first link for a full exhibitor list, assuming they get around to posting one before the festival. If you’re a comic nerd in the area, you should come.

If you can’t make it, the book should be available here not long after I get back from NYC. But since I’m doing this one through Lulu, there won’t be too many chances to get a signed copy as cheap as at MoCCA.

My advance apologies for flogging the shit out of this book. But since the newspaper business, including the alt-weeklies, has taken a severe hit during this recession, I need to sell lots of copies of it to make up the difference. If I don’t, I’ll go from the delightfully cranky cartoonist you all know, to that asshole who spit in your order of fries in no time.

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  1. you could just say “chick who makes stuff” rather than arteest


    I can’t wait!

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