The Insult Zoologist

The Insult Zoologist
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This should be the last of my late updates. I’m in Pennsylvania now, and will head back to Somerville once I’m all stocked up with scrapple and ring bologna.

Next Week: 24 Cent Book Bin

4 thoughts on “The Insult Zoologist”

  1. I’m pretty sure the lobster reference was to make light of their tendency to swim rapidly away in reverse from even the most questionable danger, but I can’t keep the image of out of my head of the lonely Maine lighthouse keeper out for a midnight summer swim and a little primate on crustacean action.

    Now you know the real reason they invented those rubber bands to keep the claws shut.

  2. Julia – If the link of ring bologna we hauled back from the farmers’ market was a dong, it would sweep the AVN Awards.

    Gabe – I’m no expert on sea-fuckin’, but if you ejaculate into the open ocean, you could be potentially fuckin’ millions of sea creatures, plus a couple of aquanauts.

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