Holy Shit, It’s the Book!

Fun Stuff for Dum-DumsAfter months of waiting, the Big Fat Whale collection Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums is finally here.

Why now? Well, I screwed up my publishing schedule and the cartoon that plugs the shit out of this book is coming out on Friday, rather than next week as I had planned.

I’d look like a giant dummy if folks came to the site wanting to buy the book but were unable to find it.

So here it is! A week early. Of course with printing and shipping, this weekend at MoCCA (I’ll be at table 426) is still your best bet for getting one of the very first copies. Plus I’ll be there to doodle in it for you!

I’m still scrambling to get things ready for MoCCA, but as soon as I return I’ll begin planning an event/signing in the Boston area. Shoot me an email if you have any tips or suggestions.

My apologies for the following sentence, which you’re going to hear a lot around my little slice of the web: PLEASE BUY MY BOOK! With 150 cartoons, the $15.95 price works out to just over 10 cents per cartoon. And with a conservative estimate of 6 jokes per cartoon, that’s less than 2 cents per joke. Do you want to contribute to an economy where a fart joke isn’t worth at least 2 cents? I hope not.

I’ll leave the last word to The Critic‘s Jay Sherman:

6 thoughts on “Holy Shit, It’s the Book!”

  1. I am so there! Well, not ‘so there’ as in Nyc for mocca, but I am so there as far as getting a copy. Woooo!

  2. Even though I only have $53 dollars in my bank account and I don’t get paid again till NEXT Fri, I still just bought the book. I may have to eat beans out of a can for the next week but oh well. That’s how much I love your work.

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