Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts
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Know what else would make a great Father’s Day gift? Big Fat Whale’s Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums! It’s too late to arrive by Father’s Day proper, but your Dad won’t mind. Unless he’s an asshole. And if he is an asshole, you’re probably not going to get him anything anyway.

Bostonish folks: I’m planning something to promote the book in the area. Stay tuned. It’s gonna be fun!*

*Fun only guaranteed for myself.

Next Week: Conspiracy Theories of the Far Right

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts”

  1. I’m not a father, and I’m only 38 years old, but I guess I’m old-school. I could use one o’ them Merkin boxes myself. I at the very least demand a landing strip.

  2. As a refined, yet randy gentleman, I prefer all my pornographies to contain pubic hair that is fashioned into intricate shapes with the aid of mustache wax.

  3. “Insert family member” — hmm. Juxtaposed with the cake, well, you’ve got yourself some hillbilly possibilities too.

  4. Another vote for the Merkin Box. C’mon, America! Get crackin’! Georgina Spelvin only made so many movies.

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