Stinking Merit Badges

Stinking Merit Badges
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I was never involved in scouting. Except for the Jesusyness and homophobia, I’ve got nothing against it. However, there should be an age limit. Scouts, Weblos, whatever-the-hell you want to call them, who are still into it when they reach their mid-teens make Mormon teens look cool.

I took an impromptu mini-vacation over the Fourth of July weekend (AKA a Patriotic Bender for America) and delayed planning the Boston Fun Stuff event. Details wicked soon, you guys! I promise.

Next Week: Public Options Live

2 thoughts on “Stinking Merit Badges”

  1. Wow, thanks for the delightful romp down memory lane. I was the best in my troop at tying autoerotic knots.

    Though, since there were others involved, I guess they weren’t strictly autoerotic.

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