Wilderness Survival Guide

Wilderness Survival Guide
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I’m going camping this weekend, and I wrote this comic to prepare myself. By the time you read this, I’ll probably be deep in the New Hampshire woods, getting mauled by a Libertarian bear.

Don’t use this guide until you’re wearing Mr. P’s stylish wilderness color schemes. Yellow slickers and safety orange are for assholes.

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7 thoughts on “Wilderness Survival Guide”

  1. Matt – If that Libertarian Bear is Andrew Sullivan, then it would be far worse. He’d be demanding Trig Palin’s birth certificate and advocating a bullshit invasion during the mauling.

    Steelman – If only as many people were fluent in Esperanto as Lolcats. Maybe EsperantoWombats is the answer.

    Melissa – I’d be like a turtle laying eggs, one bottle of fine microbrew at a time:

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