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This summer, Americans made GI Joe and Transformers 2 blockbusters. Of course, many fine films that weren’t for retarded man-children also came out this year. I’ll talk about them when I finally see them; probably in the fall, while I’m in the throes of swine flu.

TOMORROW: Slideshow with me and Keef at the Burren, in Davis Square. 4-7pm. It’s right off the Red Line, and far away from the Kennedy-Craziness on Mission Hill. I’ll be showing proto-Big Fat Whale materials, some of my favorite cartoons, plus a first look at next week’s comic.

Next Week: Back-to-School Supplies

So Long, Teddy

Ted Kennedy

Contrary to the message of the cartoon this image was taken from, Ted Kennedy was one of the few Democrats on Capitol Hill who showed a spine and called out the Iraq debacle for what it was/is. Although I think he didn’t do enough to end the war, I included him in this cartoon because an Irish guy with a farmer tan is always funny. (Just ask anyone who saw me on the beach last weekend.)

Obviously, Ted wasn’t all roses. I think he could’ve done more to call out his weak-ass colleagues instead of focusing his ire entirely on Bush and Republicans. His opposition to Cape Wind reeked of NIMBYism, and I mocked him for  it. I also made a hacky joke about his alcoholism that referred to it, but I don’t stand by that one. It was cheap.

Lastly, STEPHEN LYNCH SHOULD NOT TAKE TED’S SEAT! I grew up in that guy’s district, and he’s a pandering, weak-shit, turd. It belongs to a true-blue Massachusetts Liberal. What other state can elect a Senator to counter a cracker from the South? Come on Massachusetts! Let’s not pull a Wellstone and send our version of Norm Coleman to DC.

Town Hall Smack Down!

Town Hall Smack Down!
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Is Smack Down one or two words? TRICK QUESTION! I don’t care.

Thanks to Barney Frank, the nutbars at these things are starting to get the lack of respect they deserve. Now if only adults were allowed to speak at these things. Maybe something like a childproof cap placed over the microphones can make that happen. This would make Republican town halls incredibly silent, but that’s a feature, not a bug.

BOSTON AREA: The beer, slideshow, and booksigning is just one week away. Saturday, August 29, 4-7pm @ The Burren in Davis Square Somerville. Tell your friends. Bring your friends. Trick a stranger into thinking he’s your friend and bring him too!

Next Week: Inchworm!

Birth Control Alternatives

Birth Control Alternatives
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I have a condition that causes me to point and shout “BABY SAFE HAVEN!” whenever I see one of those signs. I do the same for “MOOSE CROSSING” signs, but those never show up while I’m walking on a crowded sidewalk.

I watched Eraserhead again right before drawing this. In addition to getting a comic strip panel out of it, I’m pretty sure I have this year’s Halloween costume figured out.

BOSTON: 2 weeks until the slideshow with Keef! Be there, or be forever shitty!

Next Week: Town Hall Smack Down!

Secretly Replacing Harry Reid

Secretly Replacing Harry Reid
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I don’t know who Harry Reid blew to become the Senate Majority Leader, but he must be a fantastic fellator; especially if his BJs are as toothless as his leadership skills.

The millions of dollars given to the Blue Dogs by the health insurance industry should be given to the American people instead. In crisp singles. Then we can use them to apply paper cuts to the nipples and dicks of every politician who is stopping real health care reform (not this health insurance, half-ass bullshit-reform) from happening. They’ll be in pain, but they’ll be fine. Unlike millions of other people, they actually have decent, government-run health insurance.

But the Dems’ shitty meakness and ineffectiveness have got nothing on House and Senate Republicans, who take great pride in being awful. If some pharmaceutical lobbyist gave them a free lunch and said cancer kids’ bald heads could be ground up and turned into boner cream, they’d be blabbing away at how great Merck is for getting their withered, gray, cocks hard and creating jobs at the Cancer Kid Abattoir.

For more about these Blue Dog turds, check out Matt’s cartoon.

Boston area: 3 weeks until beer, jokes, and books. Now with 100% more cartoonists!

Next Week: Alternative Birth Control

Comix Slideshow & Beer Summit

Burren Flyer

Good news folks! CWA friend and colleague Keith Knight will be joining me at The Burren Saturday, August 29th, 4-7PM.

Just two miles away from where Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley infamously became bestest buds, Keef and I will be holding a beer summit of our own. Join us for some drinks, a slideshow, and booksigning in the heart of Davis Square.

The event is free with a cash bar. I’m trying to get a rough head count, so send me an email, leave a comment, or RSVP on Facebook if you’re attending.

I need your help promoting the event. Tell your friends! And here’s a flyer you can print out and post around town.

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