Comix Slideshow & Beer Summit

Burren Flyer

Good news folks! CWA friend and colleague Keith Knight will be joining me at The Burren Saturday, August 29th, 4-7PM.

Just two miles away from where Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley infamously became bestest buds, Keef and I will be holding a beer summit of our own. Join us for some drinks, a slideshow, and booksigning in the heart of Davis Square.

The event is free with a cash bar. I’m trying to get a rough head count, so send me an email, leave a comment, or RSVP on Facebook if you’re attending.

I need your help promoting the event. Tell your friends! And here’s a flyer you can print out and post around town.

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5 thoughts on “Comix Slideshow & Beer Summit”

  1. If I lived within 1500 miles of you, I would SO be there. I’m a big fat fan, but alas…

    Have fun, my peoples!!

  2. Well hot damn, that’s a ten minute walk from the place I’m cat-sitting at. I’m too poor to buy your book so you’ll have to sign my lease. In multiple places.

  3. I’ll be there..prob with a few (2) friends. Signing just books? How about body parts? Or a can of beans? Just wonderin’.
    See you then…

  4. Kevin – I’ll reserve a table, cover it with the finest silks, and place an ice cold ‘Gansett on a diamond encrusted coaster for you.

    Big Fat Texan – Someone in Texas reads this? My mind is blown!

    Blake – Fantastico. For those on a budget, I’ll also be bringing my old minis and selling them for beer money.

    DannyP – I will sign anything except Blake’s lease.

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