Birth Control Alternatives

Birth Control Alternatives
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I have a condition that causes me to point and shout “BABY SAFE HAVEN!” whenever I see one of those signs. I do the same for “MOOSE CROSSING” signs, but those never show up while I’m walking on a crowded sidewalk.

I watched Eraserhead again right before drawing this. In addition to getting a comic strip panel out of it, I’m pretty sure I have this year’s Halloween costume figured out.

BOSTON: 2 weeks until the slideshow with Keef! Be there, or be forever shitty!

Next Week: Town Hall Smack Down!

4 thoughts on “Birth Control Alternatives”

  1. David Lynch scares the bejesus out of me. To this day the only movie of his I can watch is his one “non-traditional” movie. Which of course means it’s more “traditional”. But even Elephant Man makes me feel kinda ooky inside.

  2. “eraserhead” scares the living daylights out of me. please be the scary little baby for halloween. i’ll go with you. i’ll be the cowboy from “mullholland dr.”

    btw, pbr does taste like pee-pee. i tried it just to see if i was a hipster or not.

  3. MBSS – I’m thinking of going to a butcher shop and making my own Eraserhead baby with spare cow parts. (A craft project. I don’t intend on sleeping with cow parts.)

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