So Long, Teddy

Ted Kennedy

Contrary to the message of the cartoon this image was taken from, Ted Kennedy was one of the few Democrats on Capitol Hill who showed a spine and called out the Iraq debacle for what it was/is. Although I think he didn’t do enough to end the war, I included him in this cartoon because an Irish guy with a farmer tan is always funny. (Just ask anyone who saw me on the beach last weekend.)

Obviously, Ted wasn’t all roses. I think he could’ve done more to call out his weak-ass colleagues instead of focusing his ire entirely on Bush and Republicans. His opposition to Cape Wind reeked of NIMBYism, and I mocked him for  it. I also made a hacky joke about his alcoholism that referred to it, but I don’t stand by that one. It was cheap.

Lastly, STEPHEN LYNCH SHOULD NOT TAKE TED’S SEAT! I grew up in that guy’s district, and he’s a pandering, weak-shit, turd. It belongs to a true-blue Massachusetts Liberal. What other state can elect a Senator to counter a cracker from the South? Come on Massachusetts! Let’s not pull a Wellstone and send our version of Norm Coleman to DC.

2 thoughts on “So Long, Teddy”

  1. just this image is perfect. a perfect tribute! hahahaha

    no but really, it’s sad that he’s gone!

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