Bad-Ass Baucus

Bad-Ass Baucus
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No matter how many elections Democrats have won, a handful of centrists have been enacting the same do-nothing “compromises” on the party since the nineties.

When the Republicans got a paper thin 51% majority, they were able to pass all sorts of partisan shit. Give the Democrats a super majority, and all they can do is bend over backwards kissing Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe’s wrinkly, shouldn’t-be-from-New-England asses.

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7 thoughts on “Bad-Ass Baucus”

  1. Fucking sad, isn’t it? There can never be any real discussion about ANYTHING until you take the money and the lobbyists out of the picture. These shitbags are bought and paid for.

  2. ridiculously awesome & hilarious cartoon! So we know that these douchebags are derailing any real change but we let them stay in office and constantly re-elect the bastards. Doesn’t that make us the true douchebags?

  3. Chris – I agree, but don’t forget why these assholes need lobbyist money in the first place: Most voters are ‘tarded and will vote for whoever’s ads appear on the Jay Leno/Seth MacFarlane machine most often.

    Matt – The Van Allen Belt is only a theory. Others have argued that instead of radiation, it is made up of tiny particles of God’s hatred for gays. So who can say who’s right?

    CS – I agree when it comes to the House, but the Senate is a clusterfuck that gives podunk shitburgs like Montana too much clout.

  4. I think US politicians should be thrown off their insurance, and be forced to go a year uninsured. That’d shut them up

  5. Oh, and by the way Brian, I finally got my “Fun Stuff” book from my parents (who delivered it kindly up to my flat in Wales), and have already read through it. Liked the disembodied head doodle-thing, and must compliment your handwriting. Mine represents a mule-stomped gopher.

  6. Chris – I think that plan should be used on everyone who bitches about the public option.

    Glad the book survived the journey without catching tuberculosis in steerage!

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