8 thoughts on “Future Pundit Prospectus”

  1. Great comic. Would’ve been the greatest comic if you had drawn a dick on that howler monkey. Or perhaps in one of Cokie Noonan’s hands.

  2. Blake – We’ve been having the same nightmares! Cokie-Noonan is like Freddy Kreuger, but for people who can think critically instead of teenagers.

    Ron – The only dick that would let Cokie Noonan touch it is Reagan’s mummified cock.

  3. I would gladly watch “Hannity and Howler Monkey in a Bow Tie”. It would provide hours of entertainment in deciding which was Hannity and which was Monkey.

    Certainly, were he ever to appear on “The Daily Show”, a fight between Jon Stewart and a howler monkey would make a good hour of fur-flyin’, monkey-beatin’ entertainment

  4. How about “Differently-abled Money sluts”? I mean, not counting Ann Coulter of course

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