Publicity Stunts for the War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Publicity
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Consider this the companion piece to this cartoon. In another three years, when these two quagmires are still dragging on, I might do another comic where they team up in a drug-fueled raunchy comedy, kind of like Harold and Kumar.

A couple helicopter crashes and Michael Hoh resigning have improved things a bit this week, but Afghanistan has never gotten much attention. We can blame the media for some of it, but let’s not pretend that Americans have a deep thirst for knowledge that’s being stifled by the likes of Fox News. We’s a bunch of morons! The fate of Balloon Boy captivated the nation, but when it comes to foreign children getting blown up by Predator drones, we couldn’t give two shits.

I’m not excusing myself either. I love being a big ol’ ignorant goofball making fart jokes. I sleep better that way. If you want far more regular coverage of this mess, colleagues like Ted Rall, Kevin Moore, and Matt Bors are a better bet. (Sorry I didn’t link to anyone else, but my fart jokes don’t write themselves!)

And yeah, I created a Twitter account for Afghanistan War. I doubt it’ll get as much attention from me as the Tweeting Toaster.

Next Week: Internet Knockoffs

5 thoughts on “Publicity Stunts for the War in Afghanistan”

  1. Reuter’s, 0132 GMT


    Details are sketchy at this time, but in order to boost their popularity, the ailing wars will be searching for a new partner in a potential “tragicomedy act”.

    Potential new members of the troupe include Iran, Syria, Cuba, and the Eastern Seaboard.

  2. Chris, up in Hollywood the buzz is that North Korea is a shoe-in for the new partner. It’s all about the demographics, you know…

  3. Meh, I’m British. We’re too busy with our amazing Led Zeppelin-tribute helicopters to remember North Korea (No-one cares about it these days!)

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