Help Some Animals, You Guys!

APCSM_LogoBecause of the shitty economy, the MSPCA had to close a bunch of branches, including the one in my hometown of Brockton. Fortunately, several cool-ass folks who worked at that branch formed a new organization; and with the help of the MSPCA, which granted a free lease to the location they were forced to abandon, the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts (APCSM) is ready to pick up the slack.

But, they need your help. They are entirely separate from the MSPCA and don’t have access to its fundraising operation. To keep the shelter open, they’ve held bake sales, yard sales, and are about to throw a kick-ass Paws in the Park event in Easton, MA. If you can’t make it to any of those things, you can also make online donations!

My sister has been working at this shelter for years, and she’s part of the group that’s trying to keep it going. She does great work, and I can guarantee you that every (tax deductible!) dollar donated will go towards helping the most adorable animals EVER!

So please, donate now, southeastern Massachusetts’ animals need your help. For every BFW fan that donates, I’ll draw a bonus comic featuring rescue animals doing hilarious things and post it here on the blog. Send me an email after you donate to make sure I know about it.