Pig Pile On Lieberman!

For this week’s BFW Quickie, I was going to draw a quick sketch of Lieberman as a hemorrhoid on the sphincter of congress (Its reformhole, if you will.), then I saw Jen’s depiction of him as an intestinal blockage. A couple hours after that, I read David Rees’ hilarious 10 Lieberman jokes, and when I woke up this morning, I read Tom Tomorrow’s take on the Lieber-douche. I could not bear to look at that human-shit-pig’s infinite crevasses any longer and scrapped my plans.

I’ll try to come up with something else by tomorrow afternoon. I’m under a self-imposed fart joke moratorium, so that might be difficult.

4 thoughts on “Pig Pile On Lieberman!”

  1. Chris – So, that’s why Joementum failed in 2004! He could’ve had a head-shaped balloon kinda like Ron Paul’s blimp.

    Moist Towelette – That’s only appealing if you have a Joe-Lieberman-fueled furnace. (THAT IS NOT A HOLOCAUST JOKE!)

    Melissa – Just for a little while. I need to exercise some of my other juvenile humor muscles.

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