New New England

New New England

Aw, jeez Maine. I thought you were cool. Then you went and turned Portland into Maine’s Austin. Was your vote a result of Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome and the sudden stimuli of out-of-state funded political ads?

Rhode Island is on notice too. Gay marriage still isn’t allowed there.

Connecticut has gay marriage, but it also has Lieberman, not to mention half the state roots for the motherfuckin’ Yankees. (Connecticut Mets fans: We cool.) So I can’t in good conscience grant it admission into New New England.

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  1. Most of us hate Lieberman anyway. And we’d like the Mets if they won more often, we’re shallow like that.

    /Not into baseball.
    /Lives in new haven

  2. Melissa – Thanks!

    Anthony – Not enough of you hated him three years ago. He was the same douche then.

    But because of Pepe’s Pizza, I will grant New Haven enclave status.

  3. Bridgeport? Isn’t that NYC’s 6th Borrough? Or a twin city with New Rochelle?

    I’ll believe you about Sally’s and Modern. And while we’re talking up good CT eats, I highly recommend the falafel at Tangiers in West Hartford.

  4. I wouldn’t really label NH as part of New New England – though it has gay marriage, it’s still relatively conservative. Somersworth Public Schools wouldn’t allow the Obama broadcast because of fears of indoctrinating kids to Socialism.

  5. But Somersworth is Maine-adjacent. And yeah, the sticks in all the New England states are pretty conservative compared to the metro areas. But land mass doesn’t make a majority.

  6. yes, thank you. this needed to be said & fuck ’em! Love the inbreds defense…if we allow gay marriage then we will have to teach about it schools! Gay themed childrens books? Ahhhhh!
    Thank god there aren’t any gay kids up there.

  7. As a native liebermanistanian who is a met fan I must
    say I love this cartoon. As some
    one who lives in north florida I find your quibbles
    with the relative liberalism of the other new england
    states amusing. We didn’t even get to vote on gay
    marriage, we had to vote on a ‘defense of marriage”/
    “endorsement of bigotry” type of bill last election.
    Finally, Sallys and Modern are great but Pepe’s is better
    And not neglect BAR which has both good pizza and brews beer.

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